Why You Should Sign Up for FLY8MA.com

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Why You Should Sign Up for FLY8MA.com

If you’ve ever wished there was just one single place you could go to get all your flight training questions answered, it finally exists.

www.fly8ma.com is a online ground school for Private Pilots, designed to be your one and only resource in your flight training journey to becoming a pilot!  Our ground school makes it simple, and takes you from A to Z with everything you need to know to be a pilot, be ready for your actual flight lessons in the airplane, and pass your FAA oral and checkride.

How can FLY8MA help you?

Our groundschool makes it easy for you to start your flight training, or boost you from where you already are if you’ve already begun flight training.  The most important thing our ground school does it to prepare you for your flight lessons with your instructor before you get into the airplane, so you do not waste your time and money!  Flight training is expensive!  Studying with FLY8MA is guaranteed to save you time and money!  Our courses also prepare you for:

  • Starting your flight training with the right resources and the right game plan
  • Flight Lessons
  • Written Exams
  • Oral Prep
  • Checkride Prep

The Story of FLY8MA.com

When the founder of FLY8MA (Jon) started flight training as a hobby 7 years ago, he had a very hard time finding quality study content along with good instructors and airplanes all in one place.  After spending tons of money, time, and frustration trying to learn the abstract ideas of aviation (no one could even simply explain everything he needed to do and learn to become a pilot!), he decided that he would pursue a career as a Flight Instructor, and make it better for the students who followed behind him.  After working in academia for several years at the University of Michigan, Jon left to pursue aviation full time, and teach students about being safe, knowledgeable, professional pilots.  After having great success as a CFI and helping many students to earn their Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial, and Flight Instructor certificates, Jon wanted to do something to help even more students.  What started as just a small website with high quality videos for just his own students, grew quickly into a full online learning center with thousands of students, all finding the exact information and knowledge they need to be successful in one place, here at fly8ma.com.  Now with a team of highly experienced instructors, from the airlines, military, and general aviation, FLY8MA has developed full courses for everyone who wants to further their aviation knowledge and opportunities.  Whether it be in seeking a Private Pilot certificate, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot certificate, or more, joining our online school surrounds you with the very best instructors you can have in aviation.  All of instructors care deeply about the success of each of our students, in-person and online, and want you to join us so that we can help you succeed in aviation!

How is FLY8MA.com different?

What makes us so good compared to all the other online ground schools?

At FLY8MA.com you get:

  • Full Access to helpful free courses
  • Access to live webinars
  • Live support from our CFIs on staff
  • Access to one-on-one Mock Checkrides to prepare you for the most important day of your life!
  • Courses that we GUARANTEE will ensure you pass your FAA Checkride!
  • 200+ training videos that put YOU in the cockpit to learn (not in a classroom!)

SignUp for FREE on FLY8MA.com now!

Have any questions?

Drop us a note at fly8ma@gmail.com



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Enjoying the Free Course?

Get even more value by getting the latest news related to Aviation and discounts on our premium packages.

Enjoying the Free Course?

Get even more value by getting the latest news related to Aviation and discounts on our premium packages.