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On Your Way to Passing Your Checkride!

Time to FLY!

How do I make this happen?

We know flight training and the dream of becoming a pilot can seem daunting, but here's my promise to you:

As a student at, we have an entire team of FAA Certified Flight Instructors here to make this dream for you become a reality.  Becoming a pilot can be easy and fun, and we work tirelessly to help make that true for each and every one of our students.

Below you'll find a demo calendar that gives you an example of what a flight training footprint could look like, and a blueprint for the costs and where to begin.  It's just an example, and the great thing about flight training is it can be customized with the right school and instructor to fit just about any schedule.  With, you can study 24/7 on your own time anywhere you have an internet connection on any device!

Hours of Studying
Days of Flying
Total Cost


What flight training could look like for you...

Week 1-4: Complete Ground School, this will take approximately 25-40 hours of "work" (some people call it fun!)

Week 5-9: Flight Training and Reviewing online ground school as assigned by your instructor.  You will also take your written exam during this time, either before, or just after you begin training in an airplane.  Expect to spend 12 hours per week between studying and flying.

Week 10-14: You continue flight training, continue reviewing the online ground school, and begin flying solo and preparing for your Checkride.

Week 15: You take your Checkride and earn your Private Pilot Certificate!  The checkride is generally one day only, about 4 hours total with paperwork time (90 minutes of oral questioning, followed by about 1.5-2 hours of flying).

carbon cub aircraft
flight training schedule
private pilot flight training schedule

The calendar and suggested schedule above is just that, a suggestion.  You can complete training in as little as three weeks when training and studying 8 hours a day 7 days a week, or spread it out over the course of a year or two.

The example calendar and costs above are just there to help you visualize how this might fit in with your schedule, and give you an example time and cost if you were to complete training in the minimum or near minimum amount of time.

This calendar assumes you spend four weeks prior to the start of flight training in the airplane working through the ground school here at (spending about 7-10 hours per week working through it).

By completing the online ground school here at first, you will be able to get your written exam out of the way so it does not slow down your progress in training, and most importantly, you will progress through training much faster and with less frustration already having a basis of knowledge for what you'll be learning and practicing in the airplane.

You can use our free courses here at if you want to get started out without spending any money up front, or sign up for a membership to access even more of our courses to help with your flight training goals!

Our students who sign up for our premium memberships save on average $2,000 on their total cost of flight training!


"Outstanding job developing this online ground school, Jon! I feel it expedited my time to take the written! I look forward to utilizing more of your resources through my training. Thanks!"

— Dave Schulz
Private Pilot

"Started with the free version to get a feel for the course structure then later upgraded to the paid subscription because of how impressed I was. Resulted in a 92 on written portion. Hands down suggest this course!"

— Nicholas Cardoza
Private Pilot

"40 years ago I flew every day with my father and others at our local air strip. When he passed, I stopped flying. I decided last month I wanted to resume flying. This course provided the information I needed to know where to start again. It was clear and easy to understand. Well thought out, and clear. Thanks for all of the helpful information"

— Audie Friloux

Enjoying the Free Course?

Get even more value by getting the latest news related to Aviation and discounts on our premium packages.

Enjoying the Free Course?

Get even more value by getting the latest news related to Aviation and discounts on our premium packages.