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As a member of our FLY8MA online ground school, you will be a part of a large community where you can interact with like-minded students and pilots who enjoy these special privileges:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Complete Training Videos and Quizzes
  • Complete Private Pilot Ground School
  • Complete Instrument Pilot Ground School
  • Complete Commercial Pilot Ground School
  • Access to BFR and IPC ground prep
  • A Basic Understanding of How to Get Into and How to Get Out of a Spin
  • Members Only Forum
  • LIVE Seminars
  • LIVE Mock Checkrides
  • Access to all Pilot Resource Documents
  • Private Pilot Knowledge Test Prep
  • Instrument Pilot Knowledge Test Prep
  • Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test Prep
  • The Secret to Operating and Flying a Tailwheel/Taildragger Aircraft Course
  • The Secret to Avoiding a Fatal Aviation Accident
  • LIVE Mock Checkrides
  • Get Answers to your questions from our CFIs directly
  • The Secret to Perfect Takeoff, Approach, and Landing with Crosswinds

Flight Training That Fits Your Busy Schedule

With our mobile-friendly online ground school, you can take flight training on the go. At work, on a walk or even if you are vacationing, you don’t need to miss your training any day. No time or device restrictions. Study 24/7 online on your time. And most important of all, our CFIs are available to you 7 days a week!

Up-to-date Learning

We regularly communicate with the FAA and monitor their website for any new changes that may require updates on our end.

Any changes made by the FAA are automatically incorporated in our courses with no input or additional effort from your side. We make sure you are always provided with up to date courses containing everything you will need to pass your private pilot training with ease.

fly over canyons by taking our private pilot training courses
Pilot Training

How to Become a Pilot?

To earn a private pilot certificate you have to:

  • Pass a 60-question written test from the FAA (If you are getting training from Fly8MA, then we guarantee that you will pass this test!)
  • Obtain an aviation medical certificate by passing a flight physical from an FAA approved doctor.
  • Pass an FAA “Checkride”. This exam is divided into two parts, wherein the first half you will be answering examiner questions for 90 minutes or so and then you take a test flight with them for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Why Should I Enroll in Fly8MA Online Ground School?

By completing the online ground school here at first, your flight training will be much cheaper and quicker. We make sure you are well prepared for your written FAA exam so you get it through in the first attempt. Once you pass your written exam, you can shift your entire focus on flight training. This also helps in getting through the training much faster and with less frustration because you already have the basic knowledge for what you’ll be learning and practicing in the airplane.

Flying Plane

At we have a 100% pass rate with over 1,000 students earning their license last year.

When you sign up for our Premium Gold Membership, you’ll also get access to all our premium pilot training sources, pilot resource documents, best checkride prep options, full mock oral exams videos, IFR and Commercial pilot courses and direct access to our team of CFIs 7 days a week.
But don’t just take our word for it. Look at what our students have to say about us…

“Truly incredible value, I am about half way through the course. and even the more complex subjects are broken down into easy to understand sections. Thank you”

– Jesse C.

“The course material is extremely well presented. It is obvious quite a bit of time, effort, care and attention went into making this outstanding course. What is also apparent is Jon’s depth of knowledge, from the inner workings or a carburetor to CRM …and all points in between. I will (and have) recommended this course to others. THANK YOU for such a tremendous educational opportunity!”

– Eric M.

“Thanks Jon! This was by far the best configured ground school course I’ve seen to date. Very well put together and it was super easy to stay interested and motivated. Thanks again!”

– Josh C.

Here’s a brief outline of what you will be learning from our membership courses:

Private Pilot Ground School Course

  • Lesson 1: Your First Flight
  • Lesson 2: Maneuvers and the Traffic Pattern
  • Lesson 3: Understanding the Wind and Turns
  • Lesson 4: AOA, Stalls, and Other Scary Things
  • Lesson 5: Ground Reference, Maneuvers, and FARs
  • Lesson 6: Building Good Landings
  • Lesson 7: The Less Busy Airspace: G, E, D
  • Lesson 8: Class A, B, and C Airspace: The Busier Side of the Sky
  • Lesson 9: Flying Blind and Performance Calculations
  • Lesson 10: Soft and Short Field T.O.’s + Landings
  • Lesson 11: Start Your Engines: Engines, Systems, and Instruments
  • Lesson 12: Weight and Balance, Navigation Systems
  • Lesson 13: Luck with Weather
  • Lesson 14: Your First SOLO!
  • Lesson 15: VFR Charts and Navigation
  • Lesson 16: Weather Charts and Services
  • Lesson 17: Aeromedical Factors, ADM, FARS
  • Lesson 18: Flying at Night
  • Lesson 19: Cross Country Flight Planning
  • Lesson 20: Test Prep

IFR Instrument Pilot Ground School Course

  • Lesson 1: Starting Your Instrument Rating Right
  • Lesson 2: IFR Flight Instruments: Looking Through the Glass
  • Lesson 3: IFR Mind Games
  • Lesson 4: Nav Instruments: Siri, Go Direct the Airport
  • Lesson 5: How the System Works: NAS under IFR
  • Lesson 6: Holding Patterns
  • Lesson 7: IFR FARs
  • Lesson 8: IFR Enroute Charts
  • Lesson 9: Approach Charts
  • Lesson 10: SIDs and STARs
  • Lesson 11: IFR Weather: How it Works
  • Lesson 12: IFR Weather Charts / Publications
  • Lesson 13: IFR Flight Planning
  • Lesson 14: Instrument Flying Emergencies!
  • Lesson 15: IFR Facts, Tips, and Tricks
  • Lesson 16: BONUS IFR Lesson!

Commercial Pilot ASEL Checkride Prep Cram Course

  • Lesson 1: What You Can Do and What You Need
  • Lesson 2: Weather Commercial Pilot Prep
  • Lesson 3: ADM / CRM / SRM
  • Lesson 4: Aeromedical
  • Lesson 5: Emergencies
  • Lesson 6: Cross Countries and Charts
  • Lesson 7: Commercial ASEL Flight Maneuvers
  • Lesson 8: Oral and Flight Checkride
In addition to the above premium courses, you will also get access to these useful flight training videos with your premium membership package:
  • Tailwheel Training Course
  • Would You Crash this Airplane?
  • Weather Refresher IFR / VFR
  • Spin Awareness
  • How To: Sun N Fun Fly In Course
  • Reading Weather Basics
  • Cross Wind Landings
  • IPC Prep: Rusty IFR Pilot Course
  • Approach Plate Trivia Course

Ready to become a pilot?

We know flight training and the dream of becoming a pilot can seem daunting, but if you are a student at, your dream can turn into a reality. With the help of our FAA Certified Flight Instructors, becoming a pilot becomes easy and fun.

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  • All of the Free Features Included
  • Track Your Progress
  • Unlimited Retakes of Courses
  • Premium Private Pilot GS
  • Rusty Pilot Course
  • Crosswind Landings
  • Alaskan Pilot Ground School
  • Access to all Premium Online Courses
  • Free One-on-one Oral Prep
  • IFR and Commercial Pilot Courses
Platinum Lifetime
  • Lifetime Access!
  • All Benefits from Gold Membership Included
  • Custom, One-on-one Live Checkride Prep with One of our CFI’s for Everyone of Your Checkrides You Take, for LIFE!
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Enjoying the Free Course?

Get even more value by getting the latest news related to Aviation and discounts on our premium packages.

Enjoying the Free Course?

Get even more value by getting the latest news related to Aviation and discounts on our premium packages.